It is tough being a police officer in Philadelphia. As is true of all big cities, crime is a problem. Hardened criminals take advantage of any officer who demonstrates weakness. As a result, even some good police begin to harden their resolve a bit too much. They get involved in misconduct. They destroy the trust that the public has put in them.

If you have been the victim of police misconduct or brutality, contact an accident lawyer in Philadelphia PA immediately. This legal representative can help you get to the bottom of the situation. Bad officers need to be punished, and if necessary, removed from the force. If you’ve been a victim of abuse from a member of the police force, you deserve recompense for what has been done. An attorney can fight for you until justice is served.

How does Philadelphia define police misconduct?

The city defines police misconduct broadly as any behavior that goes beyond the tolerable levels of enforcement. For example, an officer may falsely arrest someone. It is wrong to put a person in jail without proper evidence or any probable cause. In other cases, the police may be involved in sexual improprieties. Using a badge of authority at any time to take advantage of citizens is misconduct.

Excessive Force

Perhaps the most common form of police misconduct is excessive force. Officers out on the beat may be overly agitated and handle a suspect too harshly. While this type of violence can lead to physical scars, it also carries a heavy emotional toll. Some excessive force victims find it hard to ever believe in law enforcement again.

False Confessions

Aggressive police may use the threat of violence as a means of coercing false confessions. This behavior is deplorable because innocent people can find themselves behind bars.

Report a Case of Misconduct

Finding rogue officers and bringing them to justice is the responsibility of all area residents. This is why notifying an accident lawyer in Philadelphia PA immediately after an incident is so important. Police misconduct is intolerable and must be stopped.

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