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Were you arrested or charged and not convicted of the crime? Were you charged with a crime, but have paid your debt to society? If you answered yes to either of these questions, but you’re still suffering because the event is still on your criminal public record, you’re in the right place. Arrests, convictions, and charges appear on background checks for education, employment, and housing. If you’re looking for an expungement, you know all too well how this can prevent you from qualifying.

Record Sealing and Record Expungement in Philadelphia, PA

Record sealing and expungement are typically lumped together. However, they are different processes. In Pennsylvania, record sealing is designed to seal records from the public view and can only be accessed in certain situations. Record expungement is when all but one of your arrest records are destroyed. This means that only law enforcement agencies can see it.

Attorney Joe Mitchell Understands This Is Ruining Your Life

Having a criminal record can stop your life in its track. You want to live in a nice neighborhood, drive a nice car, and work a great job. Unfortunately, your criminal record is standing in the way of your dreams. In Pennsylvania, record sealing isn’t offered, but expungement is allowed in a few specific circumstances. Attorney Joe Mitchell can help you determine your eligibility for expungement and walk you through the process.

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