Greater Philadelphia Domestic Violence Lawyer

Greater Philadelphia Violent Crimes Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III, we handle a wide variety of violent crime cases. These are very serious offenses and require an experienced criminal defense attorney. Common violent crimes cases often involve Domestic Violence , Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO), Assault & Battery, and Attempted Murder.

Greater Philadelphia Domestic Violence Attorney and Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)

Domestic Violence is defined by law as a certain kind of abuse, violence, or threatened violence directed toward a spouse or former spouse, partner, and people who are dating. Statistically, women are the victims of domestic violence but men make up a small percentage of victims as well.

Domestic Violence can range from threats, annoying phone calls, and stalking (such as following the victim to and from work, and threatening the victim) to unwanted sexual touching, slapping, pushing, pulling hair, shoving and forced sexual acts. In some cases domestic violence may include child endangerment charges if the child witnesses the violence. In addition the alleged victim can obtain a Protection from Abuse Order (Restraining Order ) that would prevent the abuser/aggressor from visiting or having any contact with their children. Violation of this Protective Order can be grounds for jail. It is possible to modify these protective orders and in some cases prevent them from being issued.

In Greater Philadelphia, you can be arrested for domestic violence even if the alleged victim does not want it. In some cases it is difficult for the victim to drop the charges against the abuser. The prosecutor can proceed with the criminal case even if the alleged victim decides not to go to court. A domestic violence charges is a serious matter than can lead to a jail sentence.

An experience attorney in these types of cases can successfully defend those who are accused of domestic violence and take advantages of jail alternatives such as counseling and probation. Do not rely on the advice of friends or family members. Speak with an experienced attorney. Call Attorney Attorney Joe Mitchell to discuss the specific facts of your case. (267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563).