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Most juvenile cases are nonviolent, drug-related cases that aren’t very serious in nature. Some of the most common juvenile offenses include criminal mischief, driving under the influence, unlawful possession of drugs or alcohol, assault, and shoplifting. When a juvenile is convicted of a crime, it will be placed on their record, causing a negative impact on their future. No parent wants limitations placed on their child’s future. For this reason, juvenile defense attorney Joe Mitchell is dedicated to helping juveniles clear their names to ensure they have a brighter future.

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Representing your child may seem easy enough, but it’s a far stretch. Without a competent attorney on your side, your child could face jail time and a criminal record that follows them around forever. The moment you know your child is facing criminal charges you need to contact attorney Joe Mitchell for help. He has more than 20 years of courtroom experience and knows what it takes to get your child back on the right path.

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Call (267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563) now to get started with your FREE consultation. It’s imperative to your child’s future that you develop a strong case. Without the help of an experienced juvenile defense lawyer, you’re likely going to feel displeased with the outcome you receive. Let attorney Joe Mitchell work feverishly to ensure your child receives the best possible outcome during this stressful time.