Fair Compensation for Accident Victims is What This Firm is About

Philadelphia, PA June 1, 2017 – Philadelphia residents who have been hurt by the negligence of
another are fortunate to have attorney Joseph Mitchell in their city. This Harvard-trained lawyer has
been serving the city for over 20 years. He is compassionate and experienced. Few others have an
intellect on his level. Anyone who needs to get justice should contact the Law Offices of Joseph S.
Mitchell III. He is a personal injury lawyer who never gives up the fight.

Avoid Financial Problems Caused by Accidents

Many clients arrive at the law office in dire straits. They have suffered accident injures and do not know
what to do. Quite often, bill collectors are knocking at the proverbial door. Some people are close to

This firm is dedicated to helping them get the money needed to pay their bills.

Proving Negligence

The main problem most accident victims have is proving legal negligence. Most think they can just show
up in court and make an emotional appeal. Yet, the system needs victims to demonstrate the elements
of legal negligence in the case facts. Attorney Mitchell has years of experience doing so. He can get
clients the monetary damages they need.

Concrete Evidence

To win compensatory damage awards, Mitchell shows up in court and settlement conferences with
concrete evidence. He accumulates all the medical bills, lost days of work and other harms caused by
the defendant. This evidence can force the other side to play fair. They know they cannot “low ball” the

The Harvard Approach

Personal injury lawyer Joseph Mitchell has created the Harvard Approach to personal injury law. This
process ensures efficiency. Clients know from the beginning just what strategy he will take in their cases.
Everything is spelled out to them in a clear and concise manner.

Contact Information:
Law Office of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esquire
1500 John F Kennedy BLVD, #1700
Philadelphia PA 19102
(267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563)


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