Bring your legal questions to an experienced personal injury lawyer in
Philadelphia. The Law Office of Joseph S. Mitchell III is now offering free


Philadelphia, PA June 1, 2017 – If you are the victim of an accident or personal injury, or a criminal
defendant and want to know your rights, Attorney Joseph S. Mitchell will sit down and talk with you
personally. Get the free advice of a Harvard-educated attorney with over 20 years of experience in the
Philadelphia legal system. You can turn this free consultation into a formal relationship with a Personal
Injury Lawyer who never stops fighting for his clients.

The Kind of Lawyer You Want on Your Side

The legal system is full of loopholes that only a smart and able attorney truly understands. Joseph S.
Mitchell believes that there is a growing need for a new breed of legal professionals. Lawyers should
listen to their clients and concentrate on getting the desired results. At the same time, Attorney Mitchell
talks in plain language to help you understand the legal complexities of your case. A great attorney
should be willing to spend a few moments of his time to talk about your case before you spend your
money on representation.

Meet Your Attorney

An honors graduate of Stanford University, Mr. Mitchell went on to obtain a Harvard law degree in
1984. Since then, he has practiced law in Philadelphia more than 20 years, and can help you win your
case in the areas of DUI, personal injury or criminal defense.

An accomplished professional in Boston and Philadelphia, Mr. Mitchell has held leadership roles in the
bar association. He’s a published author in the legal field and has spoken at many legal education
seminars. This passion to help people understand their legal rights translates to how he deals with his
clients, with loyalty, patience and passion in representing their interests.

Contact Information:
Law Office of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esquire
1500 John F Kennedy BLVD, #1700
Philadelphia PA 19102
(267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563)


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