Philadelphia Accident Victims Get Legal Advice from Joseph S. Mitchell III, a
Friendly Harvard-Trained Attorney

Philadelphia, PA – July 1, 2017 – Quite often, accident victims make the mistake of negotiating with an
insurance company without a personal injury lawyer to represent them. They think insurers are always
there to help. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are hurt and need compensation, always consult with a qualified personal injury attorney, such as
the Law Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esq. That insurance company that seemed so friendly when you
purchased the policy will often become extremely difficult to deal with when you file a claim. Likewise,
the insurer of the opposition will almost always question your right to a damage award.
Joseph Mitchell is dedicated to helping Philadelphia accident victims get justice and explains insurance
to clients in a clear, straightforward manner.

It is Business not Personal

Never forget that insurance is a business. The companies exist to make money. Too many people believe
insurance is some sort of benevolent industry. They attempt to deal with the company alone and wind
up with nothing or much less than they deserve. The better course of action is to contact The Law
Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esq.

Claims Adjusters

When you file for monetary damages after an accident, a claims adjuster assesses the extent of your
injuries. They use complex calculations to arrive at an offer.

The amount the company offers is never higher than what you requested. Instead, you can expect to get
what lawyers refer to as a “low ball” number. Insurance companies know most accident victims are in
desperate need of money. They entice you with a very low amount in hopes you will take it and go

Negotiating a Settlement

The Law Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esq. can better negotiate with the insurance companies than
you. He knows what is a fair amount in your case. Furthermore, he knows how to collect the necessary
evidence to sway the claims adjuster.

Instead of making an emotional appeal, this personal injury lawyer searches for and finds the actual
paperwork that documents the dollar value of your injuries. Claims adjusters respect this evidence
because they can take it to their bosses.

You are much more likely to get a just payout when you have hard, concrete evidence of medical bills,
lost wages and future expenses. The Law Offices of Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esq. can get this for you.

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