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According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 4 million dog bites and attacks every year in America. These attacks can be extremely violent; theAmerican Humane Association says nearly 800,000 men, women, and children seek medical attention for dog-related injuries each year. Dog attacks can lead to expensive medical bills and permanent bodily injury.

Pennsylvania’s Dog Bite Laws

Pennsylvania’s Dog Bite Laws are designed to protect the victims of dog attacks and prevent dogs from causing harm in the future by holding the dog’s owner liable for compensation. Pennsylvania doesn’t use the “one-bite rule,” meaning a dog’s owner can be held liable for the first time that his or her dog attacks an individual.

I will use my experience as an accident attorney to win you the compensation you deserve if you’ve been attacked by a dog in the greater Philadelphia area.

What Will I Do for You?

I am familiar with all local and state laws pertaining to liability in dog bite cases. I will closely analyze your case to:

  • Develop the best legal strategy
  • Explore every angle of liability to ensure accountability for the attack
  • Win compensation for your financial, physical, and emotional losses

If you were injured by a dog bite or attack, contact me today at (267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563) for a free consultation. I’ll put your mind at ease and answer all the legal questions surrounding your case. Together, we can overcome this tough time and maximize your recovery.