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  • – Personal Injury Client
    In a league of his own
    Attorney Joseph S. Mitchell is hands down the go-to lawyer for a personal injury case. I had visited Attorney Mitchell's office in hopes of finding a lawyer I could rely on to win me a compensation payment that justified the pain and suffering I had gone thru with my case. If there is one lawyer you would want to give a call, I would recommend it to be Attorney Joseph Mitchell. He is a Harvard AND Stanford grad, so if there is anyone that you should feel confident and comfortable with to win you your case, it is Joe Mitchell!!! I would refer all of my friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers to his offices if they were looking for a lawyer to defend them in any sort of matter.
  • Helped me recover after my car accident!
    Joe was a wonderful and courteous attorney! He helped me through every step of way, from making sure I was treating and recovering properly to explaining the PIP application process and handling the incessant calls from insurance claims adjusters. I would absolutely recommend him and will use him in the future.
    – Alyssa
  • He's on the Money!!
    Joe really dug in deep for my personal injury case. I was out of work for months and quite literally had no idea what to do. Joe was there every step of the way to educate me and to provide me with the best service I could ask for. When the case settled I was overwhelmed with the sum Joe was able to fetch. I'm really glad I picked up the phone and called!
    – Matthew
  • A True Expert!
    Joe was fabulous! Joe did remarkable work for me with my case. I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised with the outcome he got me. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone facing a criminal charge, and I will use him in the future for any legal service I need. Joe is a true expert, he knows the in's and out's of the Philadelphia court system and I felt very comfortable going to court with him.
    – Helen