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SEPTA (The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, is the state agency responsible for a variety of public transit systems in Philadelphia area. Buses, trolleys, subways, elevated trains, electric trolley buses, and regional commuter trains are all a part of SEPTA. In a perfect world, public transit accidents wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and will continue to happen. In some cases, these accidents result in serious injuries.

When you’ve been involved in a SEPTA accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This includes pain and suffering, recovery for medical expenses, emotional distress, lost income, and a loss of quality of life. Joe Mitchell is here to ensure you get the compensation you deserve after a SEPTA accident in the Greater Philadelphia area. With more than two decades of experience, you can trust that Joe Mitchell will fight tooth and nail to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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It is typical for people involved in a SEPTA accident to be seriously injured. In most cases, public transit passengers are required to stand or go without a seatbelt. This causes passengers to be more prone to injury when there’s an accident.

SEPTA Accidents Include:

  • SEPTA bus accidents
  • SEPTA train accidents
  • SEPTA car accidents
  • SEPTA trolley accidents

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SEPTA is a state agency. Plaintiffs wishing to bring a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have to deal with a legal doctrine of sovereign immunity. The sovereign immunity acts as shield, protecting the state from liability. In some cases, plaintiffs are authorized by the legislature to file a suit against the government. Unfortunately, there are limitations to how much the plaintiff may recover financially. SEPTA accidents in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have laws that apply to any accident that involves common carriers, state agencies, or companies that transport people for pay. Due to the specific, stiff SEPTA laws that are set in place, it is always within your best interest to seek legal representation when you’ve been injured while commuting via a public transit system.

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