Experienced SEPTA Trolley Accident Lawyerin Philadelphia

A SEPTA Trolley Attorney in Greater Philadelphia with More Than 20 Years of Experience

Philadelphia is well-known for its extensive trolley systems operated by SEPTA, the Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. SEPTA is required to maintain a higher level of care as a common carrier. SEPTA is a state agency that can attempt to assert a claim of sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity is a legal doctrine that bars lawsuits against the state of Pennsylvania or any of its subdivisions. Due to these legal issues, you need an experienced SEPTA trolley accident attorney on your side if you’ve been affected by an accident. SEPTA trolley accidents in Philadelphia can result in serious injuries.

Common SEPTA Trolley Accidents Include:

  • Driver errors
  • Negligent operation of trolley cars
  • Other drivers colliding with trolley cars
  • Pedestrians or bicyclist cutting in front of moving trolley cars
  • Poorly maintained trolley cars
  • Worn trolley tracks

You Deserve Compensation after A SEPTA Trolley Accident in Greater Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has been injured in a SEPTA trolley accident in the Greater Philadelphia area, you deserve compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. Personal Injury Attorney Joe Mitchell is committed to fighting vigorously to ensure you get the compensation you deserve during this difficult time. If you’re a victim of a trolley accident, call Attorney Joe Mitchell now at (267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563) to get started with you FREE consultation.