Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Philadelphia

Almost any traffic-related accidents have the potential to cause serious accidents and/or injuries. However, accidents involving large commercial trucks can cause significant damages. The average car weight around 3,500 pounds, but a commercial trucks weighs in around 80,000 pounds. It’s easy to see how the injuries associated with large truck accidents are substantially more dangerous.

You Don’t Have to Pay Those Medical Bills

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a large truck accident in Philadelphia, it’s very likely that you’ve suffered serious injuries. Along with those injuries, you’re likely suffering from a loss of medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia to help you recover the compensation you deserve during this time.

Truck Drivers Are Required to Maintain A Higher Standard of Safety

Because of the high risk associated with large truck accidents, professional truck drivers are required to maintain a higher standard of safety while operating regular passenger automobiles. In some cases, truck drivers do not always abide by the rules set in place for them. This often results in tragic accidents.

Examples of Truck Driver Negligence That Lead to Large Truck Accidents Include:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Violating FMCSA Hours of Service Regulations
  • Unlawfully driving with a serious medical condition like epilepsy or a heart condition
  • Distracted driving – Using a mobile device, grooming, eating, etc.
  • Failure to complete pre-trip inspections
  • Aggressive driving – following too closely, speeding, improper passing, or intimidating other drivers
  • Failing to pay attention to blind spots
  • Turning too quickly
  • Driving a commercial vehicle without training or a proper license
  • De-powering the brakes in the front of the truck
  • Violating any other traffic laws or FMCSA regulations
  • Driving a commercial vehicle without the proper license or training

Joe Mitchell Will Help You Sort Things Out After A Large Truck Accident

Truck drivers who cause large truck accidents with their own negligence need to be help fully accountable for any losses the victims incur. In most cases, drivers will not simply admit to making an error. This makes it hard for us to identify driver negligence. Joe Mitchell is an experienced Philadelphia truck accident attorney who knows how to get to the bottom of things. With his knowledge and investigative tools, he’ll be able to identify negligence and help you recover after an accident. Give personal injury attorney Joe Mitchell a call now at (267) 627-4JOE (267-627-4563) to get started with your FREE consultation to determine whether or not you have a case.